Mobile ad units with gesture feedback

benefiting Consumer to Brand, driven by human emotional data

Why SwipeRight?

For Brands

Real user gesture feedback for highest ROI. Without changing your inventory, you can add SwipeRight's AdSwipe technology which analyzes what users tells about your ad from their gestures. Build your brand stronger and faster when compared with various ad "AI"'s and algorythms currently available.


User Emotion Data

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Leverage Current Campaigns


Published Gesture Space!

For Monetizing Content

A new way to advertise to your userbase without implementation issues, improve user retention and share in your users emotional decisions on your network.


Easy Payout

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"2 line" Integration

Easy integration for both sides — Simple as 1, 2, 3


Login/SignUp as a publisher or Brand/Advertiser.


Brands upload campaigns or link to their external ad server


Publishers create inventory space, then copy & paste 2 lines of javascript


Reports on your campaigns or ad space show your Returns!

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What Our Customers Say About Us!

After 3 campaigns and low click-throughs, I had little faith in Swiperight. My account rep showed me how we can swap out our campaigns when left swipes reached negative impact, allowing me to find the right campaign for right swipes - and clicks! Lorean Williams
Without re-creating our campaigns and without switching ad servers, we could add another data point using Swiperight's gesture feedback. Anonymous
A/B testing with added C for each! I swapped out failing ads well before I reached my impression limit and was able to recover from a potentially large, negative campaign! Steven Manowitz